2017 May 02

Hydrogeology Field Course, UGM Cooperate with French University !

Geology Engineering Department of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), and Universite de Montpellier (UM) from France held Hydrogeology Field Course 2017 from 2-6 May on the eastern slope of Mount Merapi. Both institutions are supported by PT Tirta Investama (AQUA Klaten).


This activity aims to increase participants 'understanding of hydrogeology in volcanic areas, especially the slopes of Mount Merapi, and improve participants' skills and skills in field work and volcanic hidrogeology analysis.  In addition to lecturers from Geological Engineering UGM, the speakers who also share knowledge are Professor Severin Pistre from UM and Dr. Ir. senior hydrogeologist Patrick Lachassagne, senior hydrogeologist from Danone.

Heru Hedrayana, as Chairman of the Department of Geological Engineering UGM confirmed that this activity gives more understanding to the participants about groundwater system in the volcano area.  Indonesia is rich with volcano which is actually a tower of water resources for the prosperity of the people of Indonesia.  With this knowledge, participants are expected to contribute to be agents of change in the future, especially in the field of groundwater resources.  This activity has been running since 2016 and this year we took the University de Montpellier and Danone to contribute, said Heru.

This activity was attended by 22 participants and 7 teachers.  Participants who follow this activity should not be geologic backgrounds, but can be anyone with an interest in the field of hydrogeology.  By country of origin, participants come from Indonesia, France, Myanmar, and Laos.  This activity is expected to print more generations of people who have sufficient knowledge of hydrogeology and encourage them to become agents of change and contribute to sustainable water resource management wherever they will work.

The 5-day series of activities is filled with field observations in the Merapi 1 spring belt, rocks and observations along Pusur River and water sampling in sigedang and capilaler springs.  In addition to technical observations, participants were also shown how water management was conducted by companies in this case AQUA Klaten and community water use for agriculture and tourism in Umbul Ponggok.

Professor Severin Pistre, one of the senior lecturers from UM, stated that this activity provides opportunities for people who want to learn related to hydrogeology even though he is not studying at the Faculty of Engineering, anyone can learn hydrogeology.  Different backgrounds and origins of each participant complement each other and enrich the knowledge gained during this course, close Severin