2015 March 30

The Water Institute trains Masters 2 students from the Pierre and Marie Curie University Paris VI at La Salvetat.

Training M2 UPMC, La Salvetat, 30-31 March 2015

In La Salvetat (Hérault, France), the Water Institute hosted the 18 Masters 2 “Universe, Environment and Ecology Sciences, specialising in Continental Environments and Hydrosciences, Hydrology/Hydrogeology” students and their two supervisors, as part of a week of practical field work for the Masters.

The two days of training at La Salvetat included a teaching session on the specific characteristics and protection of naturally sparkling mineral water, with classroom sessions and visits to boreholes.

The second day was devoted to a field excursion to the Lozère (Marjeride) for practical training in the techniques of determining the characteristics of hard rock aquifers (magmatic rock aquifers: granites and metamorphic rocks: schist, gneiss, etc.).

This field training followed on from teaching provided by the Water Institute, at the University, in November 2014.