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2015 October 12

University of Avignon Water Masters students on a one-week course at the Water Institute by evian - 2015

University of Avignon training, Evian, 12-16/10/15

The Water Institute by evian provided one week of teaching for second year Water Masters students from the University of Avignon at Evian (Haute Savoie, France), from 12 to 16 October 2015.

Teaching focused on both the specific characteristics of natural mineral water (hydrogeological, technical, regulatory, hygiene, etc.), the protection of water resources and sustainable development, and also on field practices in hydrogeology (use of trial pumping in aquifer and hydrogeological mapping) and hydrochemical, isotopic and groundwater dating techniques.

Teaching took place both in the classroom, in the Carré Lumière complex, and in the field (Gavot plateau and area around Evian, visit to a farm), and included instruction in mapping practices, land hydrogeology in the Maravant watershed, practical work on hygiene in boreholes, and visits to mineral water boreholes and the bottling plant.

Training was provided jointly by professionals from the Water Institute and two teachers from the University of Avignon.